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Here we have some FAQ's - but if you do not see the answer to any question you have.

Then please let us know, we will be only to glad to assist you. 


So what do we do:

The Heaters, pride themselves on providing a completely bespoke service, so as every aspect of your special day, 

function is tailormade to exactly what your own special function requires.

Once booking confirmation is received. We will then liase with yourselves and the venue. 

On the day of your event, you will have nothing to worry about on the music / lighting side of things as every single detail,

down to the smallest factor, will be taken care of in a completely professional manner.


How much do we charge:

Our fees are determined according to venue, duration of sets, distance travelled and time spent at the venue

Also unlike many function / wedding bands, our fee will always include our full PA / DJ and lighting rig. There are no 

hidden cost's. The price we give you will be the one and only price for your event.


What do we wear on stage: 

We generally wear plain white tailored shirts with either Black trousers or jeans, all governed by the type of event 

we are booked for. We can however wear suits / black tie etc for your upmarket / themed events. If you would like 

anything else, then please advise the booking team at the time of making the booking.

At music festivals we tend to dress down as pictures in the gallery show.  


Do we have Public Liabilty Insurance:

Yes, we do have PLI insurance, copies are available on request. Our policy cover is for £10,000,000.00 which is currently

 the required amount for most upmarket hotels, function halls, golf clubs etc. 


Can we provide microphones for speeches:

Yes, we do have radio microphones available for your use, as long as we are aware in advance and have been booked

 for early attendance.


Setting up and sound checking:

The Heaters Show looks and sounds awesome. However it is quite time consuming to set up and check all the sound

 levels / lights etc to ensure we have the very best mix for your event. 

Depending on venue access etc this can take approx between 60 - 120 minutes.

It is highly recommended that for weddings parties / corperate functions etc. The show is all set up and soundchecked

before the arrival of guests as levels can become a little tedious whilst the optimum mix is obtained.


How long do we play for:

We generally perform 2 sets of live music but we can perform 3 if requested. The norm is either as 2 sets

of 1 hour with a break, or 3 sets of 45 minutes with two breaks, but we can tailor this to suit your requirements.

The band require's an hour to dismantle all their equipment and this should be considered within  the venue opening times. 

Our DJ will then perform sets around the band to maintain the high standard of music entertainment.


Performance Requirements:

To perform comfortably we require an area at least 18ft by 12ft although we have managed to squeeze 

into smaller areas. The Heaters are a very visual group of entertainers and can only perform to the best of their

ability if they have an adequate stage to perform on. We do not stand still and do need the space. 

We can perform with or without staging, indoors or outdoors.

A room for the band to change/wait in and to store equipment cases is helpful.

We require at least 4 electrical sockets delivering 13A each to which we attach extension leads.

If power is to be provided by a generator, it is the responsibility of the client / venue to ensure that it is of

sufficient rating (and has sufficient cables and adaptors) to power the band safely without the risk of overload. 

All our mains equipment is regularly PAT tested and PAT labels are clearly visible for checking.


Contracts & Booking:

Bookings are secured ONLY by receipt of a deposit combined with full details of the event.

Remaining payment is required no later than four weeks before the gig if paying by cheque, 

or alternatively by cash paid before the event's entertainment commences.



In the event of a cancellation, full payment is required if given less than 4 weeks notice, and deposits will only be returned if

4 months written notice is given. As per contract


Agent Friendly :

We have a fantastic reputation with local agencies booking bands for weddings, private functions, charity nights,

and loads of other events. We are also keen to expand our work for new agents.

We have a different website without our contact details on. 


If you have any questions not answered here, then please do not worry, just call our bookings line.

We have fully trained staff on hand to answer your question's.


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